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413 Brixton Rd, London SW9 7DG
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About Bar Marino

Bar Marino is a stylish new cocktail bar in the heart of Brixton, combining first-class mixology with a relaxed speakeasy vibe.

We know and love Brixton, and we’re proud to call it our home. There’s nowhere else we’d rather spend a night out. But we felt that something was missing. That special place you’d rave to your friends about. The kind of place where you’d definitely impress your date. Where the drinks are on point, the food is delicious, and where everyone is welcome.

We’ll take you on a voyage of discovery, a journey through taste. We can promise you a night to delight the taste buds and astonish the senses.

Welcome to your new favourite bar. We can’t wait to meet you.

Mario Schifano , Owner and Director


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Our Team

Bar Marino has been brought to life by the owner and founder of iconic coffee shop San Marino, teamed up with two of Brixton’s leading talents in hospitality, Bar Marino shares a building with San Marino, and comes to life when the beloved coffee shop closes for the night.

Mario and Chef

Mario Schifano

Owner and Director
Picture of Sammy

Razib Khan


Happy Customers

Fantastic cocktails! Inventive, interesting, and delicious. Not just a big glass of crushed ice which is the risk at other places around. Sammy knows his stuff!

Adam James